Early advice to minimise costs in dental negligence claims

As a dental barrister, with my particular skill-set, I am ideally placed to assist you.

You cannot expect a potential defendant in a negligence claim to make out your claim for you.  A Letter of Claim alleging multiple breaches of duty which have no bearing on causation will invite a robust denial from an experienced claims handler at one of the dental professional indemnity providers.

On the contrary, a well-crafted, targeted Letter of Claim will leave them in little doubt as to whether their client is vulnerable.

It is important to ensure that the correct set of standards is being applied to avoid wasting time, costs and the opportunity to invite an offer to settle a legitimate claim at the pre-action stage.

Early advice before sending the Letter of Claim and careful framing of allegations can therefore pay dividends.  That’s where a barrister who is also an experienced registered dentist and understands the necessary legal tests can help keep costs down.  Sometimes taking this approach will avoid having to instruct an expert witness formally and the whole case can be settled without having to issue proceedings.

I can also suggest the appropriate dental expert sub-specialty, point you in the direction of experienced experts and identify areas where additional records are required if the need arises.


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